Pure love and support during birth

I will be there by your side all the time you need me. At home or in the hospital. I will be anyone you want me to be, I will do whatever you want me to do, depending on how you are feeling during your labour.

I can’t promise you the exact ways I will support you, love you, hold you or massage you. Because every woman is unique, every baby is unique and every birth is beautiful, uncontrollable, powerful and sensual Experience. Your experience.  And I am here to help you to find your own safe and transforming way to give birth.

  • Emotional support during the entire period of labor and birth.
  • Fully presence to your needs and feelings, I can lead and guide you through all the stages or be quiet and silent depends on your needs
  • I can suggest different positions or movements to feel better during contractions
  • Breathing with you when you need it, helping you to find and follow your own rhythm
  • I may guide you to lean all the way into the pain to come out the other side in power and pleasure
  • Massaging you when you need and like it or staying hands-off
  • I can use some pain relief methods and techniques to relieve discomfort
  • Reminding you to trust the nature, your body, your baby, yourself
  • I will do my best to create a space you want

I am soft and gentle but with a fire in my heart.

Do you want to feel powerful, beautiful and reborn through your birth?